book About NiftyMon
What can a NiftyMon do?
Battle for Rewards! PvP 1v1 & 3v3!
Seasonal Tournaments! (Season 1 distributed 20k RVN to entrants! Free entry!)
Every NiftyMon Token represents 1 mint Token when season minting is live. It’s also the economy of NiftyMon! Each activity costs a NiftyMon Token!
Some FREE activities your NiftyMon can do that require nothing but a NiftyMon are the newest feature called “mining.”
That’s right…
Send your NiftyMon NFT to the NiftyMon for RVN & NFTs & more!

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mdo Owned by AdamAssets
list 2023-09-02 15:41:35
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Weedbro Shiny Niftymon Card
Stats 8-2 Ability Dodge

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550 RVN FatalFrames AdamAssets 2023-09-04 12:49:27
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