Ravenist is the number one NFT marketplace for the Ravencoin blockchain. You can buy or sell NFTs, Tokens and Assets created on the Ravencoin network with Ravenist, which is a completely transparent platform.

Simple. Because Ravenist is cheap and easy.

It costs about $2 to create an NFT in Ravenist. This can cost up to $100 on competing networks. Moreover, Ravencoin or NFT transfer fees are about $ 0.5. Ravenist's commission fees are also below many platforms.

Ravenist is very easy.Its centralized structure is just like exchanges. You do not need to download a Ravencoin wallet and create an account to purchase and collect an NFT. Moreover, you do not need to protect the IPFS data of the NFT you purchased. It continues the IPFS service for every NFT sold on Ravenist. This protects you from very possible NFT losses.

2022 Q1
  • Security Audit. - Users RVN and NFT security is our #1 priority. We will ensure all aspects of the site, infrastructure, domain, etc are as secure as possible.
  • Feature List. - We will begin adding new features as requested by the community on Discord. We will release a list of the proposed features and projected costs.
  • Marketplace Events. - Random giveaways.
  • Quality Assurance. - We will continue to test the boundries of the site to prepare for automation in Q2.

2022 Q2
  • Automation. - As Ravenist sits, currently Q1 2021. The site is able to be fully automated. However, for safety and security of all Ravenist users. It won't be enabled until Q2, allowing plenty of time for proper testing and security strengthning.
  • SEC/Tokenization. - We will begin the process of a Secure Token Offering (ICO/STO). Ravenist has big goals and with a STO and community support, we can see those goals come to life.

2022 Q3
  • iOS & Android Application. - Assuming, funding has been secured. We will begin development on our iOS and Android applications.
  • (Unconfirmed) - Seeded Wallet. - Assuming, funding has been secured. We will begin development on a semi-custodial Ravenist wallet. This will allow better control of the Ravenist users wallet for the user.

Ravenist Ravenist Token is an asset created on the Raven blockchain. The purpose of Ravenist Token is to keep the asset supply on the platform under control with the exchange infrastructure.

Ravenist Token can be used for the following:
  • NFT Deposit (1RT): - This if for an ALREADY created NFT on the Raven blockchain.
  • Unique NFT Creation (20RT): - This is to create and list a Unique (1 of 1) NFT on the Raven blockchain with Ravenist.
  • Multi NFT Creation (200RT): - This is to create multi NFT (SubAssets) or token assets on the Raven blockchain with Ravenist.
  • NFT Advertisement: - You can use your RT to do various advertisements of your NFTs & collections on Ravenist. Contact [email protected] if you are wanting to learn more about advertising on Ravenist.

24 to 48 hours.

The NFT approval process is manual and can take up to 48 hours. However, this is in rare circumstances. Most approvals will take only a few hours, depending on avaliability of JustNFTs/Ravenist Staff. If you are needing an NFT processed sooner than later, please visit our support channel on Discord and someone can take a look.

24 to 48 hours.

The NFT/RVN withdraw process is manual and can take up to 48 hours. However, this is in rare circumstances. Most withdraws will occur within a few hours, depending on avaliability of JustNFTs/Ravenist Staff.

We perform random security audits on withdraw requests and this could delay the process. However, this is to ensure the security of our platform and it's users.

To become verified with JustNFTs, including Ravenist. You will need to proceed with a KYC process by following the directions below.

  1. KYC: You will need to submit to a KYC, here.
  2. Email: The following to [email protected].
    • RVN Asset Aware Address
    • Twitter Handle
    • Ravenist Account and Collection(s)
    • Any additional information you may feel as vital.

Ravenist has the lowest fees in the industry.

Buy Now / Auction = 6%
Exchange (for multiple NFTs/Tokens) = 6%
Ravenist Token = 6%

Unique NFT Create = RVN
Multiple NFT Create = RVN
RVN/NFT Withdraw = 3 RVN


A Royalty Fee is a fee that the collection creator puts on the collection. Each NFT of the collector creator is paid equally by the buyer and seller when sold. E.g ; If a collector creator sets the Royalty Fee at 2 percent, the buyer and seller pay an additional 1 percent when that collection is sold.

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