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1337 Token

1337 Token is a unique crypto / ai art project focused on tokenizing one thousand three hundred and thirty seven digital artworks on the Ravencoin blockchain. Demonstrating how artists can publish their work, in an immutable way, to public & permissionless blockchains. The 1337 Collection will mint a total of (1,337) 1337 Blind Mint Tokens, (1,000) 1/1 Blind Mint NFTs, (300+) Open Edition NFTs, & (33) 1/1 Ultra Rare NFTs. To acquire the 1/1 Blind Mint NFTs, collectors must purchase 1337 Blind Mint Tokens on Ravenist for 337 RVN each. After all 1,000 Blind Mint Tokens are acquired, holders will receive a freshly minted 1/1 NFT for all 1337 Blind Mint Tokens they hold. Collect 1337 Tokens today!