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The C0MM/DAO corral is an arena for getting your NFTs up and visible and for sale, with others developing a variety of personally themed series. We will sponsor your works and mint thru the C0MM, for you! Current rate is 90% to creators and 10% to C0MM/DAO...

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Khloe Kempton #4 - by Khloe Kempton, Franklin, North Carolina

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Khloe Kempton is originally from Daytona Beach, Florida and now resides in Franklin, North Carolina. She loves horses and comes from a riding family but can also be a "space cadet," at times, and these originals show that she is a dreamer with stars in those eyes. Khloe is very creative and has begun experimenting with AI recombinations of personal photograph portraits in various programs. These are 1-of-a-kind NFTs with her own digital signature applied to each one. Khloe is a unique beauty, as you will continue to see! Collect her pieces while you can and invest in her blossoming creativity by supporting her work here...

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