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This series will feature 2 primary NFT lines, cards for the game WE 3 KINGS and the Devereaux Queens. Drops will occur each Monday beginning on Labor Day, September 4 - February 12, 2024. Each card in the game will initially begin sale as a 72 hour auction. Whatever the final bid is, will be the set price for serial mintings of that card NFT. If there is no bid, price will be set at 100 RVN. The Devereaux series will start w/ # times a factor of 100. Devereaux #1 = 100 RVN and so on...

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Bacatus is the 2nd card in the sequence of the Royal Road Art series and game WE 3 KINGS. The physical art work was completed in June of 2021, in Highlands, North Carolina. It is a type of homage to the 3 Persian Magi/Wise Men/Kings from ancient lore. They carry the gifts of Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold, to bring to the King-of-Kings, originally the name given to the Persian Emperor, Cyrus the Great being the first on historical record, though Christianity also made use of the symbols.

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