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Join our discord and follow us on Twitter! 7,777 randomly generated, hand-drawn NFTs on Ravencoin. Partial proceeds will be donated to support animal organizations/charities. 1 Handsome Hound purchase gives you the rights to 1000 Series Tokens... claim them in our discord server!

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Join our discord in the collection bio to become a part of the Handsome Hounds Club and claim your 1000 Series 1 Tokens for this purchase. The Handsome Hounds Club is a collection of 7,777 randomly generated, hand-drawn NFTs minted on the Ravencoin blockchain. Each Series 1 Handsome Hound randomly uses 64 unique traits when being generated. All traits have a certain rarity. There are over 23 million possible combinations for each Series 1 hound! The collection will consist of 7 series of 1,111 Handsome Hounds each. After all 7,777 hounds are minted, no more randomly generated hounds will ever be released. Each series will involve new traits, and each series will also be tokenized differently on Ravencoin to make early Series 1 Handsome Hounds easily identifiable on the blockchain. Partial proceeds go towards donating to animal charities/organizations.

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